The Unbiased List Of Side Effects Of Steroids Is Like No Other!

The Unbiased List Of Side Effects Of Steroids Is Like No Other.

Young boys look up to body builders and aspire to attain and maintain a body like that. They are ready to achieve it by using means to get the results as soon as possible. ‘Desperation leads to disaster’ and no other saying will fit better here. Steroids seems like an easy and faster means to get the body all jacked up. But, that’s where things go wrong. To begin with, the effects of Steroids are subjective. It depends on various reasons from genetic predisposition to dosage to type of steroid to duration of usage. Before you take that pill or inject the needle, here is what you should know.

Here are 8 reasons why one should avoid steroids:


1. Acne:

Most of us have faced pimples and acne during puberty. This happens due to genetic predisposition. Steroid abuse causes the Sebaceous Glands to secrete more oil than normal, and someone who is not genetically predisposed to resist the potential side effects would have a really hard time.

2. Messed up testosterone production:

Use of steroid can cause infertility, reduction in sperm count and messes up with the testosterone level. All these reasons can ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction. It fools the testicles into producing low testosterone and as a result, the testosterone level in the testicles gets extremely low, despite normal or high level in the blood, further leading to shrinkage of testicles and produces little if any sperm.

3. Gynecomastia:

Steroid abuse leads to swelling of nipples and resemble breasts. Reason: It either causes increase in Estrogen (Female hormone) or decrease in Testosterone (Male Hormone). Many body builders go under the knife for treatment.

4. Liver damage:

Steroid messes up a lot with the body and hence, another major body part affected because of the consumption is Liver. It totally screws it up and might even lead to death.

Peliosis Hepatis. It is an uncommon vascular condition characterized by randomly distributed blood filled cavities throughout the liver that can rapture, which will cause internal bleeding. Just the sound of it makes me want to take more care of my body.

5. Kidney Failure:

Some studies suggest that the toxins build up inside our body leading to fluid retention, increased blood pressure and ultimately kidney failure. This is a result of tumors that form on the kidneys because of steroid consumption, hindering with the kidney’s ability to filter the blood.

6. Heart health:

Previous studies suggest that steroid leads to decrease in good cholesterol, High Density Lipoprotien and increases bad cholesterol, Low Density Lipoprotien, putting the heart at risk.

7. Abscess:

Obstruction of oil or sweat glands, inflammation of hair follicles or punctures of the skin causes Abscess. As germs get under the skin or into these glands, they cause an inflammatory response and swelling. Steroid users usually get an Injection Abscess. To help in drainage of pus and provide relief from the symptoms, doctors cut open the abscess.

8. Blood clotting:

The blood clotting ability of the body gets affected as steroids can bring in several hematological changes. Many case reports show blood clots and strokes that have occurred, which were sometimes fatal in nature.

These were main side effects of steroids. I would advice to put aside those pills and needles and work hard with proper nutrition instead of being in a rush.

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