This New WhatsApp Feature Is All We’ve Been Waiting For!

This New WhatsApp Feature Is All We've Been Waiting For!

WhatsApp is a communication app used by a maximum number of people in India. It is now being used for official purposes as well in place of emails. It has many great features apart form messaging. Such as voice calling, video calling, sending images, emojis and more. People were just waiting for the recently launched feature: group video calling. Whatsapp had revealed that over 2 billion minutes per day are spent on calls. This feature will enhance the experience.

Video call exchange has been used since 2016 when the feature came out. But it was only possible for two people to interact. The company announced on Monday that they’ll be adding a new feature. The updated feature in iOS and Android app assists 4 people for video conferencing. Until now, Snapchat adds 16 people for video conferencing. And facebook messenger supports 50 people on a video call.

Security and number of participants.

apparently, Whatsapp Messenger Does video calling Too. the encryption is maintained end-to-end. However, They are launching it for just 4 participants for now. Also,  It Will Be Beneficial For People With A Poor Connection Or Old Devices. Lesser The Participants, Better The Quality. Currently, You Cannot Just Start The Call In A Group. Still, It is very easy to use. 

Follow these steps:

  1. First, Start a video call by pressing the icon in the message box.

  2. Consequently, Once the option is made available, click on the top-right corner for ‘add participant’ option.

  3. Subsequently, Choose who you want to add to the list.

  4. voila! Chat away.

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