List Of Useful Websites

This List Of Useful Websites Is Savage.

There are so many amazing and incredible websites which are not so renowned but about which people need to know as they are so useful. Here’s a list of a few of them.


If you want to stay up to date with all the popular news then this would be the perfect place for you. You’ll get all the popular content from all the sources at this one website.


2 About Me
If you dream of creating your own webpage that too of free then this might be very useful. You can build your personal bio-data webpage and store it on cloud to be accessible  anywhere.

About Me

3 Built With 

If you are a developer and want to know the programming language behind your favourite website then this helps you with just that.

Build With

4 Privnote
Often we wish to send some secret notes which we just want one person to read. Privnote is a free service that allows you to send top secret notes over the internet which gets destroyed after being read by recipient.


5 Prezi 
Got a presentation and want to impress boss? Prezi would do wonders with its presentation tools which are unique to Powerpoint.


6 Easybib 
This student friendly website helps you with citation and research. It helps students learn to become an effective researcher.


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