Peppy Drinking games for updating next house party.

Peppy Drinking games for updating next house party.

Everybody is always excited for every damn party no matter what. A chance to blow off steam after a hectic week perhaps. But after a while it gets boring. I mean who wants to come to a party and talk? Haven’t we had it enough for a while. And a house party is one event you can let loose at. No obligations to hold conversations.  ‘Drinks’ DUH! And *Drumroll* ‘Drinking Games’. Each Person Will Get Involved. And The Cherry On The Cake Is All The ‘FUN’ Eventually.

To politely smile at each other and all the freaking drama. Half of the party-goers don’t wanna make a fool of themselves by dancing. So How do you make a party interesting?


The most famous college drinking game in the history of drinking games. It’s not college without beer pong. It’s a rite of passage you need to take. You need a rectangular table, a ping pong ball, paper cups and well beer. Paper cups are arranged in a triangle manner just like bowling pins. Two people stand on the shorter sides of table. They fill beer in the cup arrangement before them. Then the ping pong ball must be bounced on the table. In such a manner, that it lands in opponent’s drinks. If it does the person has to chug down the beer of the respective cup. Whoever gets the opponent to drink up all the cups wins!


People go apeshit crazy when drunk. And it is really hard to keep a straight face. You need chits of papers to write on and pens. Needless to say drinks as well. Everybody has to scribble several funny, weird or absurd statements on the chits. Now each person reads the chit while keeping a straight face. Anybody who laughs or reacts has to drink.


Drinks and memory don’t go together very well. Once people are a bit drunk, this is interesting game to play. Just need some drinks. The person who starts the game says “I’m going to the bar and I’ll drink beer.” And next person will add a drink to it. For example, “I’m going to the bar and I’ll drink beer and vodka.” The third person adds another drink. “I’m going to the bar and I’ll drink beer and vodka and whiskey.” And so on. Whoever messes up has to drink up.


If you’ve watched Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani you know what this game is. Reveals all the crazy shit people have done. It’s really simple. All you need are drinks. People start the sentences with “Never Have I Ever….” and add something they’ve never done. And all the people in the group who have done that take a sip of their drink. Like, a person says ‘Never have I ever eaten my booger.’ And people who have eaten their booger take a sip.


Truth or Lie Edition: Alternatively, a person has to say “Never Have I ever seen a strip show.” And people have to guess if it’s a truth or they’re lying. Say that person admits it was a lie. Then whosoever said truth have to take a sip.


It’s one of the most fun games. When people are a little drunk, speeches get slurry. This is probably the most fun game to play then. What you need is drinks inside people. All the players sit in a circle. Now one person starts the game by saying ‘Fuzzy Duck.’ The person next to him says ‘Ducky Fuzz’ without taking too much time. If a person hesitates or pronounces it wrong, they gotta drink. Sometimes people go ‘Does he fuck?’ And ‘fuck he does.’ and the everybody loses their shit.

7. SHOTS!:

Everyone sits in a circle with lots of shots inbetween them. Players look at the down at first. On the count of three, everyone looks up. If you’re staring at someone who isn’t looking at you, Phew! You’re safe. But if someone is staring right into your eyes, you both yell SHOTS! Proceed to take shots and get ready for another round. Keep doing the same until all the shots are gone. This will get you drunk fast and leave you plenty of time to enjoy the party.


Everyone sits in a circle and asks a question. Such as, Who is most likely to get fired from his job? Who is most likely to cry when hit? And all the people point towards the person who they think is most likely to do so. Whoever has most people pointing at him needs to take a shot. It’s not even a question of someone actually doing the most likely task. But just a fun game where you get to laugh a lot.

All these games will ensure that your house party is on fire. And everybody will look forward to the next one. Obviously, don’t forget make sure everybody gets home safe and sound after all that drinking.

More gossip, more fun.

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