You must check out these 8 Indian finger-licking fast foods which are healthy as fuck

You must check out these 8 Indian finger-licking fast foods which are healthy as fuck.

India is world famous for spicy Fast foods and heaps upon heaps of curries. We love to consume them on a daily basis, however it has been popularized by the west, that Indian food can wreak havoc in your stomach and can cause some nasty dysentery but we love our food and know for a fact that while we can’t completely call the notion false, it’s not really true. Of course, roadside food prepared in unsanitary conditions can cause diseases but those prepared with care and proper sanitation can be absolutely fucking healthy; let’s have a look at our favorite Indian fast foods from a new point of view, from the standpoint of health.

8. Delhi's Banta

Nothing is worse than Delhi’s scorching heat, it’s especially troublesome for the broke college kids who go to DU. Daily trips to Starbucks or even CCD for that matter is completely out of question, but the health freaks and vegans can take a sigh of relief because Delhi’s banta is there to save you from not only the heat but also from a burnt pocket while being totally healthy rich in antioxidants, taste, and refreshment.

7. Mumbai's Bhel

Mumbai doesn’t own the bhel, in fact, bhel is omnipresent all through India but Mumbai’s bhel is a signature of the Juhu, so why not. This delicious feat made out of puffed rice, various chutneys and tomatoes is not only finger licking good but completely healthy; it’s gluten free and rich in vitamin A, B, and C; owing to the tamarind chutney and raw mango often used that also add a zing to the dish.

6. Bihar's Litti-Chokha

This rustic dish is famous in Bihar and subsequently, other states have also accepted this. The litti is made out of sattu which helps battle the summer, while the chokha is usually made out of Eggplant and tomatoes. It’s healthy because it’s all baked you can drizzle desi ghee to enhance the taste but if you want to stay on the safer side, maybe avoid the ghee. All In all, it’s delicious and tasty, so next time you crave some yummy fast food try out litti chokha.

5. Northeast's momos

Momos are a favorite of the whole country, what’s not to like about this squishy bundles of pure joy and deliciousness? They are steamed and filled with cabbages or chicken which are again steamed or boiled served with spicy red sauce.1 piece of momos contains 40 calories so next time don’t feel so bad devouring that full plate of momos.

4. Bengali Jhal-Mudi


This easy and quick dish is loaded with nutrients and can be your savior when you crave something spicy, it’s a variant of Mumbai bhel but with its own set of ingredients and taste. The main difference between bhel and jhal-mudi is the dash of mustard oil and also that jhal-muri is essentially healthier than bhel.

3. Pav bhaji


This is one dish that one can never get enough of, the bhaji is good for you because it’s loaded with vegetables and the pav can be made healthier by opting for a whole wheat pav rather than a regular pav made up of all purpose flour.

2. Ghungni

This savory dish made from horse gram (black chana) contains just 117 calories; it contains 26% vitamin C, and 6% vitamin A. It can be prepared at home easily so don’t wait.

1. Dahi Bhalla

This very popular chaat can be found in ever nook and corner of Delhi’s numerous fast food restraints, it’s made up of vada dipped in dahi, loaded with various chutneys and often garnished with beetroot slices. 1 serving will fetch you just 66 calories and 10% iron content.

Happy fat food eating, maybe you won't feel so guilty on a cheat day if you eat these 8 Indian fast foods!

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