Get to know the 5 Gruesome ways to die.

5 gruesome ways to die.

Death is inevitable and omnipresent. No one has escaped it and no one will probably escape it in the future as well. There might’ve been times when morbid thoughts of death and after life must’ve crawled their way into your consciousness at dreary hours of night or even in broad daylight. Well this article is for those morose days when you just want to sip on your chai and read terrifying things and the best part is, that the weather is just perfect for this nasty combination, so hop on this wagon and read on for food for your dark thoughts and soul.

So here are 5 gruesome ways a person can die:

5. Drowning.


Drowning is one of those things we believe  to be peaceful and calm; movies and television have made us believe that death by drowning is like being succumbed by a vacuum quickly and painlessly, but if you’ve ever watched anyone drown you’d know how terrifying and violent it really is, there’s a lot of thrashing and moving around involved.

4. Falling from a height.


Again one of those things we believe to be calm and serene, it has been popularly assumed or is rather believed that your brain shuts down as soon as you are about to fall down and that you don’t experience any pain. However this is completely untrue, when you start falling down from great height the pressure of air around you is excruciating, it can feel like shards of glass piercing through your body.

3. COPD.

COPD is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It’s the third leading cause of deaths in the U.S. Patients suffering from this disease are short of breath after doing even simple tasks like sitting and getting up. Smoking is the leading reason behind COPD. Stop smoking to protect yourself from slow agonizing death which renders you useless. It’s like being a barely alive corpse.

2. Dying in a lift that drops to the bottom floor.

Scientists recently researched about some bizarre ways to die and this is by far the weirdest, when you are in a lift that instead of stopping on the desired stop falls down to the very last floor will have your organs falling down even when your body has stopped falling. Death in this case is assured but you might survive if you lie down.

1. Placebo - nocebo.

This is something that almost would never have even crossed your mind even once. But dying because of your own self and your thoughts alone seems pretty gruesome and terrifying, right?

Here is a real life story and then you can make your decision.

Long time ago, there was a prison on an isolated land. It held a terrorist who used to believe the things he heard very strongly. He was to be executed soon by the authorities. A researcher came with the purpose of the prisoner’s execution, and also to pull some experiments. As the prisoner was eventually meant o die, the researcher was allowed.

What he did was really terrifying. He told the prisoner that his vein will be cut open so he’d die of blood deprivation. He blindfolded the terrorist. 

The prisoner soon died. But not because of blood deprivation.

The scientist hadn’t actually cut his vein; he just made the prisoner believe he did so. And then, he played the sound of a dripping water tap.

The prisoner eventually died because of himself, and his firm “belief.”

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