The Wikileaks That Changed the Course of History.

The Wikileaks That Changed the Course of History.

When all information was kept under the wraps, frustration built up. People just wanted some transparency of the system they were a part of. It had long enough without them telling anything about the situations. There were a lot of two-faced people surfacing. To Conclude The Time Of In Transparency, Julian Assange founded WikiLeaks in 2006 . Since then it has worked to disclose facts, figures and associations from restricted data. Therefore, It introduces common public to their system in all its realities. 


Here is a list of some of the leaks that blew everyone away:

1. US-Spy:

WikiLeaks released a thousands of documents revealing CIA spied on everyone. The documents included hacking techniques, breaking into phones , Tvs, communication apps and electronic devices. Consequently, CIA worked with British Intelligence to work out a way to turn smart TVs into surveillance devices. Subsequently, It shook the people and they became angry. Perhaps, the government had no rights to invade the privacy of an individual.

2. Dumping Toxic Waste in Africa:

Minton Report is a document which named several chemicals to be released in Ivory Coast. Certainly, These toxic chemicals could cause a variety of diseases. It included the harmful effects to eye, skin, lungs burn, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of consciousness and also death. Apparently, Trafigura authorized it which was a Singaporean company dealing in base metals and energy. Further, the Release of hydrogen sulphide gas caused many casualties which was linked to it.

3. Dalai Lama pleaded US to help:

Dalai Lama told India’s US ambassador to focus on Tibetan weather rather than politics. He was reported asking, “Tibet is a dying nation. We need America’s help.” He believed that Tibetan politics could wait to be resolved and improved. The need of the hour was to control the worsening weather. Although, Dalai Lama’s disappearing influence over exiled Tibetans could pose a problem.

4. WikiLeaks banned in Australia:

Australia had some secrets to keep. The banned websites in Australia included WikiLeaks . They were supposed to be in the ball-park of terrorism and child porn. But certain censored sites were the ones which did not fall under the mentioned categories. WikiLeaks was one of them in May 2009. Though, it is no longer under Australian blacklist now.

5. Climate Control:

A hacker acquired more than 1000 emails of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit. They wanted to convince people that global warming was a scientific conspiracy. Which meant it is real and man-made. Although, The staff altered the Data  Deliberately such that it looked trustworthy. Consequently, CRU defended themselves by saying that the mails were lacking context. Finally, It was an honest exchange of ideas of experimentation.

6. Church of Scientology is Fraudulent:

In 1994, an end was put to the distribution of unpublished works of writer L. Ron Hubbard. It is a religion of choice of Hollywood celebrities. Thus, Making it a secretive religion. Collected Secret Bible of Scientology was posted on WikiLeaks. It contained hierarchy of the religion. Surprisingly, It was found that medical practices by the Church of Scientology are illegal and dishonest. Therefore, They were slapped with wholesale copyright infringement allegation.

7. Iraq War logs:

Apparently, WikiLeaks was supposed to post War logs from Iraq on their website. But Al Jazeera released a report on it before they had posted. “Al Jazeera have broken our embargo by 30 minutes. We release everyone from their Iraq War Logs embargoes,” WikiLeaks tweeted. As a result, analysis reports filled the media platforms. The war logs contained claims by US governments voluntary ignorance after 2003 war. Henceforth, Reports of torture by Iraqi authorities went not responded.


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