Saving Rainforests by Recycling Old Mobile phones.

Saving Rainforests by Recycling Old Mobile phones.

A non-profit organization called Rainforest Connection has put an end to Illegal logging by installing old cellphones in rainforests. Rainforests are being wiped away due to deforestation, pollution and climate change. Deforestation alone accounts for 17% of all global carbon emissions. These homes of millions of flora and fauna have suffered greatly. in just last forty years, about one-fifth of Amazon has disappeared which is the biggest rainforest of the world. It is need of the hour to save forests which will cater to the requirements of generations to come.

Topher White is the founder and CEO of this organization. He came up with the genius strategy of rewiring the hardware after erasing the memory of old mobile phones. Therefore, He has designed an algorithm which recognizes the noise of a chainsaw through a microphone attachment. amongst different forest noises nobody can sit and listen to it all day long.

The device covers about 1.5 square kilometres. as soon as the device registers, chainsaw noises a text alert. It is then sent to park rangers who can catch criminals in action. It is powered by solar cells 24/7 and gives same result as taking 3,000 cars off the road for a year.


Loss of biodiversity..

 Moreover, loss of biodiversity impacts the rainforests which make up for oldest ecosystems on Earth just like pollution and climate irregularity. Therefore, Rainforest Connect system helps in identifying patterns of illegal activities in key protected areas.

The affected local tribe hailing from Brazilian state of Pará, the Tembé have joined hands with Rainforest Connection. More than 30% of their territory has been eliminated by cattle ranching, fires, and illegal logging. thus, they help the organization by monitoring these devices which have been installed in the forests to detect illegal ongoings. therefore, it is high time that we save the planet which is the sole source of our survival. Rainforest Connection is successful in doing so as should we all.

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