Know the fitness test that Yuvraj Singh failed

Know the fitness test that Yuvraj Singh failed.

Over the time, the gentleman’s sport cricket has evolved a load. There used to be lone format of cricket which used to run for straight 5 days. In the year 1971 limited overs format 
Came into existence. It used to be 60 overs each side match until 1987 when it was decided to make 50 overs each side.

One more thing that has changed a lot is the significance given to the player’s fitness. During those days your skills were enough to play for the team. There was slightest importance given to fitness of individual players. Once Former Indian cricketer Sandip Patel broke his floating rib in the practice match and carried the injury throughout the 1983 World Cup. “Indian cricket was different back than, there was no outside help, or any physios to consult with, and injuries were just considered part of the game” he said in an interview.

Currently the fitness is the biggest challenge among the aspiring players. Recently, Yuvraj Singh could not clear a fitness for a Sri Lanka tour in his first attempt. The fitness test conducted was ‘Yo-Yo test’. 

What exactly is a Yo-Yo test ?
It is test based on your endurance which involves two cones placed at the distance of 20 meters. After the instructions are given, one has to run from one cone to second cone and start coming back to first cone after he hears the beep. This may seen easy and simple, but it gets difficult later as test progresses as fewer time is given for later lapses. The player needs to double his pace to keep up with the test. Also if some player misses the beep, he will given two more beeps within which he has to cover up his speed. In case he fails to do the same, the test ends.

The Yo-Yo score is given to each performance where 19.5 is set a minimum score. Indian cricket team skipper scored 21 whereas Yuvraj Singh could only score 16.5 in his first attempt.

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