How Mummies were Accidentally formed in Mexico!

How Mummies were Accidentally formed in Mexico!

We all have grown watching and reading theories about how mummies are formed and things like that interest us a lot. The great-great kings or Pharaohs were preserved and that’s how mummies are formed. But one museum in Mexico called as Museo de las Momias (The Mummy Museum) is home to ‘111 naturally formed mummies’. And here’s how these mummies were formed naturally.

A cholera epidemic had spread in Guanajuato in 1865. Due to which the cemeteries were becoming overcrowded and its upkeep cost was rising. Hence a tad nasty policy came up in which citizens with a family member in the cemetery could either pay a vast amount of money all at once, or pay a much smaller “burial tax” every year and if this was not done, the family members would be removed from the grave.

Dr. Remigio Leroy was the very first one whose family was not able to pay the tax and they had to dig him up. To their surprise, his body was well preserved underground. More poor families started following this and found that those bodies were in a better condition. Thanks to the unusual soil conditions that the bodies remained preserved!

The best preserved bodies were stored in an ossuary beneath the cemetery and cemetery workers had begun allowing visitors in to see them for a few pesos in the 20th century. This ossuary later got transformed into an official museum and since then it has become a popular tourist attraction.

This story tells how some not so good situations led to a creation of something beautiful. You should definitely go to Guanajuato someday and check out for this amusing museum.

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