Get to know about this hidden flag that reveals support to LGBT.

The Hidden Flag Reveals LGBT Support.

A Group Of Activists Under Spanish LGBT Federation Took Pictures Together Representing Rainbow Pride Flag. 

Why are these people roaming around in different jerseys? In the final week of world cup in jerseys that are no longer in the game? although, they are protesting against laws banning LGBT activity in Russia. These People Who Had Never been Me In Their Lives Before they Took To Streets Of Moscow In June. finally, FIFA WORLD CUP Gave Them A Creative Outlet And An Opportunity To Support Their Sexuality.


“When Gilbert Baker designed the rainbow  flag in 1978, he did so to create a symbol and an icon for the LGTB community. Unfortunately, 40 years later, there are still countries in which homosexuality is persecuted, sometimes even by jail sentences, and in which the rainbow flag is forbidden. Russia is one of these countries.” their website quoted.

Colombian activist expressed,”I didn’t know what would happen and I was really scared. I can’t imagine being part of the LGTB community in Russia. Where I live I have been given the space to be whoever I want to be, and this is why I wanted to come and protest in a place where others don’t have the same comfort.”

How it Unfolded?

Actually, The 6 People Represented 6 Colours Of LGBTQ+ Flag In Their Native Jerseys. Marta Márquez From Spain (Red), Eric Houter From The Netherlands (Orange), Eloi Pierozan Junior From Brazil (Yellow), Guillermo León From Mexico (Green), Vanesa Paola Ferrario From Argentina (Blue) And Mateo Fernández Gómez From Colombia (Voilet). Although, ‘The Hidden Flag’ Visited Public Places And Got Clicked Near Police Officers As Well.

In June 2013, a Federal law was passed declaring ‘support of non-traditional sexual relationships in front of minors’ illegal. Homophobic propaganda, violence, and even hate crimes are carried out in name of this law. In Chechnya, gay men were detained in brutal prison camps just because they were gay. Although, On June 14, Moscow police took a British LGBT activist in Custody. As he stood near Red Square with a poster against the persecution of gays in Chechnya.

Finally, June is celebrated as LGBT Pride month. Certainly, ‘The Hidden Flag’ supported Russian LGBT Community from June 28 to 30. Eric Houter said “I am not homosexual, nor bisexual. But when my brother called me, asking me to take his place, explaining that he couldn’t go but it was something that was very important, I knew what I had to do. ” Though, they made sure to upload the pictures after they left the country. hence is the fact.

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