Meet the first serial killer of modern history and his 'Murder' Hotel !!

The last time I heard about a serial killer was probably in CID which we all have enjoyed watching at some point in our lives. But have you ever heard about a serial killer in real life? Here’s a story about the ‘first ever serial killer of America’- H.H. Holmes

It all started when Holmes moved to Chicago in 1886 where he started working in a drugstore but went on to buy it. In the consequent year, he bought an empty lot across the drugstore and started constructing a labyrinth structure with shops on the first floor and small apartments above that. He kept on changing the builders and architects so that no one could know too much. This all led to the creation of the infamous ‘murder hotel’.

Can you imagine going to a hotel with hidden passages, gas chambers, stairs leading nowhere and secret rooms? No one would probably want to stay there but during the time of Columbian Exposition, Holmes lured many visitors with a promise of cheap lodgings. Alas, these visitors did go inside the hotel but never came back. 

This didn’t last for a long time and soon Holmes was arrested for the murder of his assistant Benjamin Pitezel and his children. That’s when he confessed to have murdered 27 people. Holmes was finally hanged on 1896 in Moyamensing Prison. And the murder hotel survived till 1938 even after being gutted by fire but later it was torn down.

The story of the first serial killer and his murder hotel is quite intriguing and will leave you with Goosebumps. But one thing is for sure evil always loses in the end.

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