France Renames Six Metro Stops To Commemorate France’s Triumph.

France Renames Six Metro Stops To Commemorate France's Triumph.

Allez Les Bleus! Finally, France brought the FIFA World Cup trophy home after a 20 year wait. The country did not fall short of honouring their heroes. Paris Metro Authorities have renamed six stations to pay them tributes. They found puns in some of the stops’ names cheering the team on their win. Yes, France in the world cup outshines.

Didier Deschamps captained the French Football Team back in 1998. When they won the world cup for the first time. Now under his guidance they won it again. To acknowledge their manager’s hardwork, two of the metro stops were renamed.  ‘Notre-Dame des Champs’ station to “Notre Didier Deschamps” while another is renamed “Deschamps Elysées-Clémenceau.”

The signs on ‘Victor Hugo’ stations read “Victor Hugo Lloris”. Hugo Lloris may have made one little mistake of which Croatia took advantage. Nevertheless, The captain and goalkeeper lead his team to victory.

Other Renamed Stations.

Amongst others, “Bercy Les Blues” was displayed on ‘Bercy’ Station. The blues which the team is known as is thanked through this name. Bercy is similar to Merci which means thank you in french. The French Capital made sure their team came home to a grateful country. Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Earlier ‘Avron’ is now called “Nous Avron Gagné” translating to ‘We have won.’

Likewise, “Charles de Gaulle-Etoile” features the proud win as ‘On a 2 Etoiles’. It translates as we have two stars. Crowds gathered round sports stores since the updated jersey became available. Even, The Louvre Museum congratulated the winners. They tweeted a picture of world’s most famous painting MONA LISA wearing the new French jersey with two stars.

The World Cup victors paraded on open top double-decker electric bus to greet fans between the Place de l’Etoile, site of the Arc de Triomphe, and the Elysee Palace on Monday. The duration of the changes is still uncertain. But the message of a proud nation is pretty clear.

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