Déjà Rêvé - The Weirdo Sister Of Déjà Vu.

You see something. You feel that you’re familiar to this. You have seen this before. No, it didn’t happen for real, but you have seen it before. You are not new to this. Oh yes! you have dreamt it before and this is phenomenon which is called déjà rêve 
Déjà vu is French phrase for “already seen” while déjà rêvé means “already dreamt”.
For some people déjà rêvé is about the dreams that happened last night or may be a week ago. Perhaps, for some, it is about the dreams that they saw years ago. 
This can’t be mistaken for the ability to see future, as it is a trick that brain plays with you. Necessarily, it does not mean that you really dreamt what you think you dreamt.
According to a research carried on,the individuals who experience the déjà rêvé can be categorised into 3 categories.
Pin-Point ones : The ones who can pin point to the exact dreams they are speaking about. Even if that dream happened years ago.
Familiarity ones : These are the one who feel that they have already dreamt what they are seeing in real life but they don’t seem to remember the exact dream. They connect their dots of familiarity with the real life incidents.
Dreamy state ones : These are the ones who  could not relate to the incidents of their dream experiences as others. Instead, they felt that the experience itself was strange and kind of nightmarish. 
Next time you feel you knew this would happen because you had seen this already in your dreams, ignore your instincts, I repeat ignore your instincts.
It’s just the brain playing with you.

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