The Curious Case of Sunil Gavaskar.

The Curious Case of Sunil Gavaskar.

The first Man to make over 10,000 runs in the Test Matches might not have been the first due to an unexpected mix-up. he is none other than Sunil Gavaskar we are talking about. he is the Recipient of the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan and the former Indian international cricketer. Certainly, He stood the first person to score centuries in both innings of a Test match three times and is widely admired for his technique against fast bowling.

This renowned Cricket player recently celebrated his 69th birthday. India would not have witnessed his great feats if he had been switched at birth. You read it right! Consequently, as a proof, In his autobiography Mr. Gavaskar recollects the lit incident of his life. he refers it stating Indian Cricket Team is lucky he wasn’t switched at birth.

The Curious Case..

Sunil Manohar Gavasakar was born on 10th July 1949 and it was his uncle Mr Narayan Masurekar’s courtesy that he went home with the right parents. his uncle visited Mr.Gavaskar on the first day of his birth. he noticed a hole on the top of baby’s left ear lobe.  Mr. Gavaskar called him as Nan-Kaka. the next day, while He picked up the baby in the crib beside his mother, He was Unable to locate the little hole. Thus, To His Utter Horror,the hospital initiated a search to find the baby with hole in his left ear lobe. Finally, Baby Gavaskar was found sleeping blissfully next to a fisherwoman. The Incident followed when the babies were given their bath.

Therefore, It is unimaginable how different the circumstances would have turned out had the babies been switched at birth. what kind of life had the babies would have led? Subsequently, What Kind Of fate Indian Cricket History would have undergone. but all’s well that ends well.

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