China to make artificial rain over the area equal to half of the size of India.

Chinese technology makes advancements that can create buzz even in the most calm places. One of such advancements is to create artificial rain. This embarkment involves spraying of silver iodide into sky which helps in condensation of water and hence in the formation of clouds. 
Fun fact: China had launched 1100 rockets in 2008 in the skies of Beijing to keep it rain free for Olympics.
According to verified source, Chinese government will use military weather-altering technology developed by the state that owns China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.
The process will involve building of  tens of thousands of combustion chamber on Tibetian mountain sides. These chambers will burn solid fuel which will result in spraying of silver iodide that is aimed towards the sky. 

The area getting benefitted with this task will be around 620,000 Sq miles. This is approximately half the size of complete India.

*Mind gets blowed*

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