Get to know the reason why Yama himself lands on the streets of Chennai.

Get to know the reason why Yama himself lands on the streets of Chennai.

Yes, we are not joking. Indeed, Yama lands himself on the streets of Chennai. Road kills are major reason of deaths in our country. Tamil Nadu has the distinction of highest number of road accidents. Keeping this in mind, an NGO in the Chennai brought the figure of death, Yama, on road. Through this method, they aim to make people fear death and follow road rules. This is a very bold and innovative step. According to reports of 2014, approximately 15,000 people lost their lives in road accidents.

“So we are scaring people that if they don’t wear a helmet or seatbelt, Yama is going to take your life. They see us and then they will realize that one day or another someone will have an accident here and our life is going to end.” says Sabari Thozhan, who dresses up as Yama. He aims to raise awareness on road safety and traffic rules in hope of reducing the number of lives lost. Therefore, through this simple and effective method they can target people who are without helmets or not wearing a seatbelt.

Their Strategy and public's response

With their goal of an accident free nation, Radhakrishnan and his team take on the busiest of roads in the city every Thursday. They try very creative and effective methods. for example Guna, a volunteer, dresses up in bandages and plasters to make people aware on the dos and don’ts of road safety. In order to get the motorists attention, Radhakrishnan announces the number of people who die on roads due to accidents around the city.

They think that giving out pamphlets is less effective as people don’t read it and throw them away, also leading to wastage of paper. Volunteer Gunasekharan says, “If you give them a pamphlet or read about it, it is not as effective. Even if you have a rule saying wear a helmet, not many people respect it. If you go up to someone like an injured person, people will at least listen to you.”

Although, people still show less interest in such a topic, even though it involves their lives, and find loopholes to avoid following the rules, these people still find the motivation to continue spreading the message everyday with all their heart, wishing to see a happy and safe country soon.

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