World’s first Sarvapooja Kit on Amazon..

Must know about the World’s First Sarvapooja Kit on Amazon that burns Really well!!

We live in the generation where everything happens online, like legit EVERYTHING! From dating to ordering food, from buying lingerie to buying houses, from selling mobile phone to selling pets. Everything has become so much easier and hence Amazon came to our rescue to make a funeral easier too! Yes, you read it right.  Amazon has a ‘Sarvapooja Final Rites Antim Kriya Kit’ for sale.

Now if you are wondering of what this kit might contain, then you will be surprised because the list of items is pretty long. So it has a Stretcher, Tripod, White Cloth, Shawl, Mat, Garland, 2 Pots, Earthen diya , Camphor, Cotton piece, Incense sticks, Vibhuti, Gaumutra, Perfume, Rose water, Gangajal, Honey, Matchbox, Rope, White thread, Janoi, Nada chhadi, Black Tal, Jav(Barley), Black abil, White abil, Kumkum, Gulaal, Haldi, Cowdung, Chandan powder, Chandan lakdi, Kurmure , Chawal, Oti che saman, Beetlenut, Bladeand the list goes on and on. 

If you think this is funny then you must read some reviews from the people who have actually used this. Suraj Singh wrote, “Amazing product…. Just used for my friend(gaurav)…. He burned really well…. No chances of coming back…” Now you see, the speciality of the product is ‘No Chances’ of coming back!

If you are laughing then don’t, because you need to read another review. Abhishek wrote, “Excellent product
Used it for my barbeque last weekend
Burnt really well and also the chicken tasted really good.” See the Sarvapooja kit is definitely great for a Barbeque party!

Jokes apart, this kit might be helpful in real as it is ‘world’s first all inclusive Final Rites Kit (Antim Kriya) for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs’ and contains 38 items all in one kit. You must definitely give it a try if you have funeral or a barbeque party or you want ‘No Chances’ of coming back!

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