This rare event is a dream of every Indian.

This rare event is a dream of every Indian.

It isn’t surprising to see people throwing garbage on the road. It’s not even surprising to see people throwing themselves off a bike on a road. What would be your reaction if I told you that people throw even cash on the road ? Can this happen in India? Perhaps, a dream of every Indian.

Yes, you heard it right! A lady in South Korea threw cash amounting to nine lacs rupees on empty roads.  


An elite woman in South Korea drove about on the roads of Daegu in her luxury car throwing cash around the city. And it wasn’t loose change either. Yonhap News reported that the police city collected a total of 15.8 million won (over Rs 9 lakh) from the roads, and it does not include the cash that got scattered around the city.

When ?

This miraculous incident happened between 7:25  AM to 8:00 on 19th of July. According to a law in South Korea it is illegal to keep the cash found on the roads. Due to this most of the people returned the cast to the police. The police aims to return the cash to the lady.

Here is the video for you.

We all know it would not have been this way if it had happened in India.

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