This series of events in Indian e-commerce space makes up for a perfect Bollywood flick

The indigenous e-commerce platform has a new crush, it’s the arch rival Amazon. Owned by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has been keenly trying to buy Flipkart and is willing to pay an amount of $20 billions. Like any other budding love story, Flipkart isn’t interested in accepting the proposal. Flipkart already owns Myntra and Jabong, and accepting this proposal will give a major monopoly to Amazon in e-commerce, India.

To make the story more interesting, Flipkart has been trying to sell itself to Walmart, which lost its market share to Amazon in its home country. Walmart has also shown immense interest for the deal and deal may happen any time soon.



This doesn’t end here. There is another catch. Flipkart’s biggest investor, Chinese conglomerate, SoftBank is against the deal.

This complete story summons up for the perfect Bollywood flick. Flipkart and Walmart are the lead actors. Amazon is the villain in this story and SoftBank happens to play the father of the lead actress.

And Picture toh abhi baaki h mere  dos

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