Meet the band that invaded the pitch during FIFA finals.

Meet the band that invaded the pitch during FIFA finals.

PUSSY RIOT- The band that invaded the pitch during FIFA finals

Pussy Riot is a Moscow based punk rock band of Russian feminists. Although, They have confessed to being responsible for a brief obstruction in World Cup Final. 4 people in police uniforms interrupted the FIFA finals between France and Croatia. Apparently, a man and three women from pussy riot decided to do so. 

Verzilov, Veronika Nikulshina, Olga Pakhtusova, And Olga Kurachyova Were Sentenced To 15 Days Imprisonment Under Russian Law. Because They Were Wearing Police Uniforms Illegally. In Addition, Accused Of Violating The Rules For Spectators At Sporting Events. Consequently, They Are Banned From Attending Any Sport Event For Next 3 Years.

Pussy Riot's Stunt..

A few women stage guerrilla style protests to defend themselves in public places. They chose FIFA World Cup Final particularly, as they felt Russia shouldn’t be celebrating while torturing people. They staged the performance “POLICEMAN ENTERS THE GAME” on 15th July 2018. While being lead out, one woman managed to get a double high-five from Kylian Mbapp√©, French player. Pussy Riot supports feminism, LGBT rights and opposes Putin and his policies.

Finally, Pussy Riot had certain reasons for carrying out the act. Their statement claims protesting against Russian authorities for power play. They have justified it in the following video:

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