49 Pairs and lots of Sex – Our Interstellar Space travel will be possible.

49 Pairs and lots of Sex – Our Interstellar Space travel will be possible.
There has been a gargantuan amount of research going on across the globe to make a space voyage possible to a second home for mankind. While everyone is busy developing the technology, a scientist duo from France developed an algorithm to determine the minimum amount of sexually active couples it would take to maintain a human crew inside of a spaceship for 6,300 years, the time required to reach the closest star beyond sun.

The algorithm, called as Heritage algorithm, determines the probability of humans reaching Proxima Centauri using current technology. This will involve multiple generations of humans living their entire life in space. That means the initial crew and their offspring have the responsibility to multiply. 

This Algorithm Estimates Survivability By Taking Various Breeding Paradigms Into Consideration. It Considers Factors Like Menopause, Infertility And Inbreeding Into Account. Unknown Catastrophe Is Also A Factor Which Can Effectively Wipe Out One Third Of Crew.

The research paper said :

By restricting the offspring to being genetically pure, we found that 50±15 percent missions successfully reach their destination for restricted mating between 25 initial breeding pairs. If the initial crew is comprised of 34 breeding pairs, the chances to reach their destination with a completely genetically healthy crew rise up to 94-98 percent. 

An Initial Ship With 98 Settlers (49 Initial Breeding Pairs) Ensures A Mission With A 100 Percent Success Rate At 3-Σ Significance. We Can Then Conclude That, Under The Parameters Used For Those Simulations, A Minimum Crew Of 98 Settlers Is Needed For A 6300-Year Multi-Generational Space Journey Towards Proxima Centauri B.

Finally, we know, what other than cutting edge technology what will it take to reach our ultimate destination….49 pairs and lots of Sex. 

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