Dragon Breath Ice Cream

The not-so-sweet Dragon Breath Ice-cream

A while back social media was going crazy with the videos of the much-loved ‘dragon breath ice-cream’ which quite literally lets you breath like a dragon. You breathe the evaporated liquid nitrogen which comes out of your mouths and nostrils like smoke.

It is a proud invention of Chocolate Chair, a café in Los Angelis and the vendor describes it as a “dessert cereal snack that tastes like Fruit Loops dipped in liquid nitrogen.’’ So it is basically breakfast cereal frozen with liquid nitrogen and it comes along with dipping sauce of different flavours like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry which can be bought.

But this sweet treat is not always sweet as this desert is so cold that it can sometimes burn your tongue. Also, liquid nitrogen in poured over the ice-cream so it gets evaporated but it can be dangerous if touched or ingested. So one should not touch or ingest the liquid settled at the bottom of the cup. Recently, a 14 year old got burnt severely while she was handling this desert and the doctors said she could have possibly lost her thumb.

If you want to breath like a dragon then you must be super careful while having this desert or maybe just stick to your beloved cornettos and froyos.

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