The first ever Movie that Your Brain Can Control, You think and It will Happen!

The first ever Movie that Your Brain Can Control, You think and It will Happen!

        At some point or the other, we have prayed for a movie to go in a different direction and have also cursed the makers for not keeping up with our thoughts.  But now you don’t need to pray or curse anymore because your brain can literally control movies.

A brand new brain-controlled movie has now been launched in which the storyline of the movie changes according to your changing reactions. All this happens through an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset.

‘The Moment’ is the very first brain-controlled movie which has been developed by the University of Nottingham’s  researcher and creative director Richard Ramchurn and it is going to be officially launched on June 7 at Sheffield Fest.

A special caravan has been designed to screen the movie which will tour all across England.

The viewers will have to wear small sensors attached to the scalp while watching the movie. This will pick up our thoughts/reactions when brain cells send message to each other. Whenever there is a fall in viewer’s attention, the story will change. How cool is that!

The film’s story is based around two main characters who are taking refuge from a society which uses brain control technology. It shows the struggle of the characters to fit in and their fight for survival.

In the words of Mr Ramchurn, “The Moment is an interactive film which is controlled via data from a EEG headset which picks up unconscious reactions and changes the narrative thread in response.’’ It simply means that the movie changes as per our unconscious reactions.

The coolest thing is that it is different each time it is watched. I am literally tempted to watch such a masterpiece. Let’s just hope and pray that it comes sooner to India.

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