Starbucks Sippy cups are the new-in.

Starbucks Sippy cups are the new-in.

Starbucks Sippy cups are the new in.You might have seen the popular meme that goes along the lines of “now, do we want a straw, or do we want to save the oceans”, you might’ve personally felt a little uneasy and guilty of using straws at times well, fret not and ride along the wagon of new era “adult sippy cups” perhaps famous to be Starbucks Sippy cups.

World-wide, famous coffee chain, Starbucks, ditches straws in hopes of reducing plastic pollution in the environment and brings out recyclable, straw less lids to serve drinks in. People are calling it the adult sippy cup. Starbucks is planning to eliminate single-use, iconic green straws completely by 2020. These new lids are already available in few chains across United States with particular beverages.

Many people seem to support the decision, flooding social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Starbucks estimates that this decision will help to eliminate 1 billion plastic straws globally which mostly ends up in landfills and oceans. On an estimate, 175 million plastic straws are used and thrown away daily. Americans throw away an estimate of 182 billion straws alone annually. While plastic straws only contribute as low as 0.03% to the total plastic waste, and people refer to it as running behind a minor culprit, environmentalists see this as a major step towards protection of environment.

People's reaction.

The fact that people are wholeheartedly supporting this decision is a major step towards a society where people aren’t hung over the past  and are willing to contribute and be accepting  rather than being bashful and of the thought that “it’s just one straw, how will it harm” . Your ‘one’ makes million more ‘ones’ like these; because you aren’t alone on this planet and even the smallest of step can bring change.

Many major corporations are intending to follow the same footsteps. McDonald’s announced that it will begin the elimination of plastic straws in United Kingdom and Ireland while Hyatt Hotels will provide plastic straws only on request, starting September 1st.

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