Priyanka Chopra is getting married. Period.

Priyanka Chopra is getting married. Period.

Priyanka Chopra is set to marry the heartthrob of the year Nick Jonas. Perhaps, a lot of hearts are breaking in a lot of places right now. But a beautiful couple is coming together with a promising future. Nick Jonas met the Indian beauty through a mutual friend who also stars in Quantico. They discovered on meeting that both of them were wearing Ralph Lauren for the Met Gala on 1st May 2017. Later Priyanka appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Consequently, Jimmy Kimmel dig deeper and PC revealed that they weren’t dating. Surprisingly, they were wearing the same designer and had the same table. Thus, seized the opportunity to go together. Consequently, Priyanka told Jimmy “It was fun.”

Subsequently, Late May 2018 onward, both of them were seen together multiple times. Especially, on the Memorial Day Weekend, attending a Beauty and Beast live. Subsequently, a day later, spotted at LA Dodger’s game. Further, On Memorial Day, having a fun time with family and friends. Although, On May 31st, 2018, they were sighted having a cozy dinner by fans. Both didn’t seem to bother about being seen. Perhaps, Just laughing, dancing and enjoying each other’s company. After which, both of them posted sweet nothings and emojis on each other’s Instagram posts.

Further Proceedings

On June 8, a photograph of the couple at JFK surfaced. Perhaps, after a couple weeks, the couple visited India where they attended Ambani’s bash. Consequently, on June 22, they had dinner with Priyanka’s mother. Afterwards, they fawned over each other in their Instagram stories. Apparently, Nick posted a ‘Her (with starry-eyed emoji)’ story of Priyanka. Meanwhile, PC posted a story of Jonas and her brother Siddharth with a caption ‘My Favourite Men.’ Thereby, posted a ‘Him (with starry-eyed emoji)’ at while cheering at Nick’s concert in Brazil.

On July 4th, 2018: the Independence day, the couple went on a double date. Accompanied by Joe Jonas and his fiancée. Thereafter, the two couples and brother Kevin Jonas join at a restaurant in London. It is a rumour that while celebrating Priyanka Chopra’s birthday Nick proposed her. Apparently, Jonas even got a Tiffany store closed for the engagement ring. In the same week, they met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Although, It is yet to be officially disclosed if they’re engaged. But amongst the rumors doing rounds, there is nothing else anybody can talk about. It has just begun. Finally, everybody hopes for their happy future.

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