What is Kiki Challenge? And Why is everyone crazy for it?

What is Kiki Challenge? And Why is everyone crazy for it?

Who would have thought that pop culture would land them in a hospital? But this new trend everyone has been following like a bunch of crazies, did! Kiki Challenge has gone just too far and mainstream. Which started off with a bunch of celebrities dancing around the car has taken a fatal turn. In the name of appearing cool, people are getting out of their moving cars. And it doesn’t end here while dancing beside the moving car in the middle of busy streets.

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This Comedian, Shiggy danced to “In my feelings” song by drake. His companion was sitting inside the car while taking his video. He posted the video on Instagram with #DoTheShiggy. Consequently, a lot of people imitated him. His friend, NFL player Odell Beckham Jr attempted the challenge. He was seen getting out of a stationary car and dancing. This is how KiKi Challenge came into being. But as the madness spread, cars started moving and accidents chanced upon some.

People's Reactions.

Indian actors like Nia Sharma, Adah Sharma, Shraddha Arya have posted it on their page. Whereas Instagram influencers like Manav Chhabra, Harsh Beniwal attempted it too. Bollywood actors Varun Sharma and Nora Fatehi spiced it up with an auto. The Challenge has been indianized with Indian dance forms. Animals like cow, camel, rhinoceros, donkey, elephant have featured courtesy of people. People want to do it because it adds to their likable quotient.

But Harsh Beniwal had the perfect example of how it could go wrong.

Kiki Challenge can also land you in jail.

People have suffered horribly by falling off, being run over and hitting things. Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Delhi Police have appealed to public to restrain. Else, they’ll be facing severe consequences. These acts draw criminal charges and people could be booked for this challenge. Is it worth it? Being behind bars or in a hospital? Some memes surfacing about the challenge warn right. Kiki may not love you but your parents do. For your own safety or for the sake of your loved ones, do restrain.

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