Karenjit Kaur- This astounding untold story will leave you in amazement of her guts and beauty!

Karenjit Kaur- This astounding untold story will leave you in amazement of her guts and beauty!

If looked carefully in the eyes of the celebrities, millions of fans running behind them and screaming their love for the star, we’ll be able to see their struggles and the fights they’ve fought to attain what they have. The first entry fee paid, the casting couch filled with men ogling at the probable soon-to-be star, the indecent proposals brought to the table, the humiliation. It’s like a shell through which all the determined souls break through. One such star, who also went through scanner, is Karenjit Kaur, also known as Sunny Leone.

The Beginning:

I want to begin with saying that the web series on ZEE5 is the way a biopic should be served. It is full of life, drama and reality. It is intriguing and sucks you into the story. We begin with a hesitant Sunny on the set of her first skinemax film who does what she knows she has to do when the director shouts “Robes off please”.

It will make you think what happened this girl, how did she become so bold, as we get flashes of young Sunny’s teenage where we a coy girl sing Gurbani in the Gurdwara in her beautiful voice. The episodes in the beginning give us an idea about her upbringing and family background. The ideologies which she was taught, she still abides by them.

We see a young Sunny, played by Rysa Sujania, being bullied by her classmates for unshaved legs and face. She finds peace in one of her classmates and does not hold back & kisses him when her father catches her, seething with rage. The terrified look on her face makes us feel sorry for the young Karenjit.

More to the story:

Her father, portrayed by Bijay Jasjit Anand, is materialistic who wants to move to LA from Canada but at the same time he is conservative in his thinking. Grusha Singh, who plays Sunny’s mother, is a closeted alcoholic mom who tries to repress the independent mindset of her daughter and does a job being the overly strict mother. Her brother, presented by Karamvir Lamba, is funny and lovable & concerned at the same time. Sunny shares all her dark secrets with him. He is caught of guard when she tells him about the first skinemax movie offered to her. He tells her to give him the names, addresses and numbers of people she was going to work with. Though, later, he is shown trading pictures of his sister for cash, giving the justification that “Life is hard in LA”.  

Raj Arjun portrays Anupam Chaubey, a journalist who hates Sunny and humiliates her on National Television. This is taken from the incident when Sunny was asked hard-to-answer questions on the CNN IBN talk show “Hot Seat” hosted by Bhupender Chaubey. In the series, the show is names as “The Tough Talks”.

Sunny Leone is beautiful in every way a woman can be. She is strong and bold and amazing. Her profession is still kind of a taboo and not acceptable to many people. When Anupam rants about there not being a difference between a prostitute and a porn star, she readily answers that there is only one thing in common and that is guts.

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