The dedication is seen in the photographs of this Pakistani Politician which you should not miss.

This Dedication Looks Like Photographs Of This Pakistani Politician.

For A Change, Here’s A Pakistani Politician Who Looks Determined. Politicians Buy Votes, Steal votes And Even Beg For Votes. But You May Not Have Come Across Something Like This Before. 

What do politicians have in their pockets except for empty promises? Let’s see. Certainly, we have heard of politicians presenting alcohol and money in exchange of votes. Making promises to solve all the problems a person faces in providing for his family. Declaring all sort of changes their party will ensure. although, Once they are in power, they’ll be the kings of their little kingdoms.

But as soon as they win, every promise goes down the drain. What can we expect anyway? Consequently, Citizens are seen as terrible moneymakers to loot from. Corrupt politicians execute much minimum to be voted again. although, rest all was a see-through performance neglected on the account of materialistic satisfaction.

Bizarre Election Campaign.

In the upcoming elections in Karachi, an unusual candidate has popped up. Ayaz Memom Motiwala is an independent candidate from a party called ‘Aam Admi Pakistan.’ He has posted a lot of pictures on their facebook page. And Gone live numerous times where he is seen sitting in potholes and drains. Finally, With the party symbol ‘TAP,’ he went as far as actually drinking the sewage water. People have mixed reactions to his pictures. Who would sit on garbage and inside drains to rule a city?  He wants to emphasize his concerns regarding cleanliness and sanitation in Karachi.

a lot of people appreciate him for going to such lengths and admiring his guts. while, There are a majority of people who are refusing to acknowledge his so-called dedication. People are considering it as a publicity stunt and telling him to stop his drama. although, He might not have succeeded in whatever he was trying to achieve, But his photos have landed him a lot of attention for his campaign. Finally, he becomes a popular figure.

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