7 Best Movies of Raj Kumar Rao Which Are A Treat To Every Movie Buff!!

7 Best Movies of Raj Kumar Rao Which Are A Treat To Every Movie Buff!!

Raj Kumar Rao is one of the most celebrated actors in Bollywood. In recent years, his movies revolve around social issues and are amazing to watch and dwell on, but his earlier works are, in which he just melts into the molds of the character, just leaves us wondering how an actor can be so versatile. 

Presenting the top 7 movies of Raj Kumar Rao which everyone must watch.

1. Kai Po Che! (2013):

The movie revolves around three friends, Ishaan, Govind and Omi, who are determined to teach budding cricketers and hence open a sports shop and an academy. But to realize their goals in the turbulent city of Ahmadabad, they go through a lot- Earthquake, religious disparities, politics and riots.
IMDb rating- 7.6/10

2. Newton (2017):

When one of the main duty officers is found to be facing heart problems, rookie government clerk, Newton Kumar, is sent on duty to Nicolette-Maoist insurgency Naxal-controlled jungles of India. In these conflict-riddenst him.
IMDb rating- 7.8/10

3. Shahid (2012):

Shahid Azmi becomes a Criminal lawyer after returning from a military camp half-way. He fights cases for the people who are being questioned for their involvement in terrorist activities.
IMDb rating- 8.3/10

4. Omerta (2017):

Omerta is a very intriguing, 2017 Indian biographical crime drama by Hansal Mehta. Raj Kumar Rao portrays the role of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British terrorist from Pakistan.
IMDb rating- 7/10

5. Talaash (2012):

Inspector Shekhawat and his wife, Roshni, are in a state of mourning at the demise of their son. While he engages himself in solving the mysterious death of a film star, his wife openly struggles with their loss. Raj Kumar Rao plays assistant of Inspector Shekhawat.
IMDb rating- 7.3/10

6. City Lights (2014):

Hoping to attain a better lifestyle, ex-army person, Deepak Singh, from Rajasthan moves to Mumbai. But as easy as everything seems, it is not and he soon realizes it.
IMDb rating- 7.3/10

7. Queen (2014):

When her fiancé, Vijay, played by Raj Kumar Rao, calls off the wedding, 24-years-old Rani decides to go honeymoon alone. She finds joy and makes new friends while travelling around Europe and marvels at her new-found independence.
IMDb rating- 8.3/10

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