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11 Amazing facts about Indian Railways

We cannot imagine our transport system without Indian Railways which carries millions of passengers every single day and is world’s fourth longest railway system. It not only has a dedicated railway ministry working towards it but also has a Research Designs and Standards Organization which carries out all the research, design and standardization work. 

You might have travelled many times in the railways but here are 11 facts you probably don’t know.

  • 16th April, 1853 was declared as a ‘public holiday’ because Indian Railways made its first journey that day from Mumbai to Thane.
  • The rail museum located in Delhi is Asia’s largest railway museum.
  • The total distance covered by the 14,300 trains on the Indian Railways on a daily basis is equal to three & half times the distance to moon.
  • New Delhi Railway Station holds the Guinness Book of Record of having world’s largest Route Relay Interlocking System.
  • Indian railways carry passengers equal to the population of Australia and more than twice of Greece’s population i.e. 22 million passengers every day.
  • 1.2 million People visit the IRCTC website every minute.
  • Jammu and Kashmir’s Pir Panjal Railway tunnel is the longest railway tunnel in India which is 11.25 kms long.
  • Indian Railways was the largest employer in the world but now it is the 7th largest employer in the world with 1.35 Million employees.
  • India’s Gorakhpur has the longest platform in the world with a length of 4,483 ft.
  • The Fairy Queen owned by Indian Railways is the oldest working steam locomotive in the world which was built in 1855 and is still under working condition.
  • On June 9, 1981, a passenger train had plunged into the Bagmati River in Bihar which killed over 800 people and is known to be India’s deadliest rail disaster ever.

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