5 Bizarre Facts About The Fastest Plane Ever Built- SR- 71

When we talk about being the fastest, all that comes to our minds is an animal or a human being. But have you ever thought about the fastest plane? Have you ever heard about SR-71 Blackbird? 

SR 71 blackbird is the fastest man-made plane in the world. It has to its credit an official speed record of 2193.33kmph which it celebrated in United States in July 1976. 

It means it flies three and a half times faster than the ’speed of sound.’
Although it retired two decades back but here are 5 bizarre facts about the ‘blackbird’ that you need to know.

1. The first ever blackbird was built in the US but with the Soviet titanium and that        is not the end of the story. The Soviet titanium was smuggled into US by CIA.

2.  Around 4000 missiles were fired at it but it outran all of them and didn’t let any        of them touch it.

3. To work on the plane, everyone was not only required to be between the age of        25 to 40 years but was also required to be married. Isn’t that really bizarre?

4. The SR 71 was actually named RS 71.But when the then US President Lyndon B.      Johnson announced the plane to the public, he called it SR 71. Some say it was        intentional while others say it was a mistake.

5. The fuel that SR 71 used had such a high flash point that it could easily                 extinguish matches and cigarettes.

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